A Motivational Story And Business Building 

Who is David Waters

Hey, this is David Waters, a person who has been through a lot and here to best advise you on 

  • Motivation
  • Business
  • Future
  • Below you will find the story of my past and here you will find out about the future.

Many people have ups and downs in their life. This is your chance to change your future today.

What to Expect

Achieving your goals, as you work on your future and building a life which you have and wanted. 

Now its time that you get more of what you need to get what you want in life.

  • Freedom from the Rat Race
  • More family/home life
  • Less stress, better health
  • Financial Security

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Hi, my name is David Waters and this is my story…

This is a story of tragedy, rehabilitation, achievements, changing peoples life’s, empowering success and Motivation

I was raised in New Zealand in a good family with the future dreams and ambitions like many kids do. 

On leaving school my first job was a  Diesel Mechanic maintaining a fleet of tour coaches. During this time my work safely allowed thousands of tourist to be driven around New Zealand to see the fabulous country of New Zealand once finished training moved to another company and was in sole charge of a fleet of Volvo Coaches. Times were changing and decided to move country.

In 1988 I moved to Perth Western Australia and worked on mine sites. It was amazing working on machinery 2,000 P plus.

Unfortunately, in 1990 a major car accident caused, caused spinal and brain injuries. 

The accident had wiped the clean memory of my life my family and friends pre-accident. Everyone and everything was a total memory blank. 

This caused several months of recovery.

In that time Specialist handed down a verdict that there was a 98% chance of never leading a life without constant problems. And employment as best would be a street cleaner etc.

The Video of my life

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At 30 life was learning how to work in an office as an office boy and had a huge learning curve.

As never working in an office or really understanding the meaning of work. Very hard to explain, you know what it means, yet

Note: While in recovery I taught myself to touch type on an old manual typewriter. This was the beginning of

“Yes, everything is possible until proven otherwise, you don’t know what you can’t do unless you take action” It is amazing how the brain can pick up and create a new life in the way it learns and handles situations. In 1991  I was with soon elevated to Pacific Warranty Manager for major diesel and transmission companies from around the world including USA and England. Even though I had a serious spinal injury. Overcoming this in 1992 ran I the Melbourne marathon in 3 hrs 20 mins. Then in 1994, yes, moving again I was transferred to Adelaide South Australia and working in the head office. Not long after arrival, my past time was to learn Latin, Ballroom dancing and compete at a local level. After a few years, I was yearning to do something else. As this position as a manager took a real toll, working sometimes 12-14 hour days etc.

So I started training and soon became a

Sports/Remedial/Reflexology Therapist.

Starting my own practice in 2007. During training, there was an opportunity to work with North Adelaide Football club. In the SANFL (1 step down from the AFL) as a massage therapist and soon elevated to head trainer. During this time it involved managing 18 medical staff, players injuries, and their rehabilitation. Also the Head Trainer for the Under 18 and 16 State teams at various times and AFL interstate visiting teams when coming to play in Adelaide During this time I had a short break and worked with the Adelaide36ers, an NBL (Australian Competition) team as a massage therapist. 

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What has been achieved since


  • 1990 Major Car Accident and Injuries Started This new Life Plan
  • 1990 Self taught to touch type 100 wpm in 3 days
  • 1990/91 Learnt Lotus macros to create manuals for workers
  • 1991 Sth Pacific Regional Warranty Manager
  • 1992 ran Melbourne Marathon
  • 1994 Started Ballroom/Latin Dancing and competed
  • 1998 Begins training in Massage and Reflexology
  • 1998 Trainer at North Adelaide Football Club
  • 2000 98% in an Anatomy & Physiology Exam
  • 2007 Started my own Massage business
  • 2010 Massage Therapist Adelaide36ers
  • 2012 Head Trainer North Adelaide Football Club
  • 2014 Started at MOBE
  • 2015 Co-authored a book with Matt Lloyd owner of MOBE
  • 2015 Diamond Mastermind Bali
  • 2016 Titanium Mexico and Platinium Mastermind Fiji
  • 2017 Auto-biography/Motivation book to be Published
  • 2018 Motivation and business building Seminars (Public Speaker)
  • And much more

Make the difference you want in life today and

Watch this Webinar: http://davidswhy.com/Webinarmywebinar

It’s not about when will you do it. It’s How and When

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