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Assisting Disabled and Injured Entrepreneurs

There are many people who currently are disabled or injured people at home who for various reasons are unable to work who are looking for something better in life. There are many Entrepreneurs running a business from home for various reasons. Myself after a serious injury now work at home and enjoy the experience. It is possible for Disabled, Injured Entrepreneurs to work from home.Disabled, Injured Entrepreneurs

Reasons including

  • Low costs/tax savings
  • Flexibility
  • Freedom
  • etc

A home setting can be so much better for these people with the knowledge that working from home the setting is set up for their injury or disability.

It is a great achievement for those who are able to do this. As going to work, the location etc can have its disadvantages. Such as travel to and from work and access to various amenities. Even though it is better than in the past. It is so much easier if you can do the same work or what you enjoy in your own environment at home.

It is a unique opportunity to have a fulfilling life if you are still able to move around in your own environment and also make an income without the disadvantages of a work office.

The value or working at home is you are able to have familiar tools and equipment which might prove some what difficult in your job and it gives you the satisfaction of doing this.

The good part about a home business

Includes how long you work, if you wanted to work longer hours, there is no worry about driving home late as you are already home. If you need to have frequent breaks, no one is there to watch over you and the time you are taking. To the right people working at home is the best environment as you are close to your family and able to assist more and have more time to share those family experiences.

You may find that some of the equipment you require to carry out your work is Tax Deductable. Just think if you need a special chair, keyboard, screen maybe something around the house to assist you, it is possible these are now claimable expenses. Always think how to work as Disabled, Injured Entrepreneurs
There are many people who are challenged at work both mentally and physically who one day may need to leave their work due to health issues etc. For various reasons it may be difficult to find another job and they are still capable of working, it’s just finding what they are best suited for. That’s where a home business may be exactly what they need

Disabled, Injured EntrepreneursHaving the opportunity to work from home is a great possibility and only is it looked at would you realize what is available

Some Disabled, Injured Entrepreneurs are forced to 

Give up full-time employment because of the challenges created by their disabilities and related health problems, but find a home environment enables them to channel their skills and expertise into a new venture.

It is a big step to accept that working full-time in an office environment may not be possible.Yet sometimes it is the best decision. And it can be due to a number of health reasons. Some people do leave as in the work area there may be things which are harder to do. It can be people with back issues which make it difficult for many to keep working due to the pain.

It was after a prolonged period of sick leave that she made the decision to go freelance. Elsden revealed: “I’ve felt so much better in my own environment. At home, you can control your working conditions and hours to suit. There are drawbacks, but the benefits far outweigh these. It was scary at first without the safety net of a regular income and I do miss the contact with colleagues. You don’t get the gossip when you work from home.” There is alway hope for Disabled, Injured Entrepreneurs!

There are drawbacks

at home and you have to weigh up the difference from working at home to working at work. But, the benefits far outweigh these. It was scary at first without the safety net of a regular income and I do miss the contact with colleagues. You don’t get the gossip when you work from home.”

There is the safety net of having a job, a wage contact with colleagues etc. The chances are you can be usually on your own is concentrate better and do a thing in half the time. Giving you more time to do what you need quicker freeing up the day.

Also, figure out how long does it take to get ready for work. Then travel to and from work. Generally, it would be about 2 hours a day you are traveling and getting ready. That’s 10-hours a week you are saving 2 hours x 5 days = 10 hours

Problems Working At Home

After working in a work environment it is possible to feel isolated and or lonely and lose motivation. Knowing what to do, as you may be home alone after been around a lot of people. It’s something to think about

Positives Working At Home

The positives tend to outweigh the negatives if you set up right and look into what you need to do. The good thing is you get to be your own boss and make the decisions. It allows you to work out the time you need to work, how and when. As you’re on your own, when you work and put 100% effort in you, will be able to complete tasks quicker.

This will allow you to go out for coffee. Meet people who are not working and or prospects who are going to be part of your work.

Also if it is an online business, if you have a Laptop you can take the work where ever you want. And do what you need where you feel comfortable.

After doing this for awhile you will get to a point and wonder, how did you get everything done working full time? Life changes a lot and for the better.

Important Note

Working at home has so many advantages when you do it right. It’s what and how you start which makes the difference and your decision to do what it takes.

It is best to do this

  • Have a mentor someone you can talk to
  • Get the training you need to set it up correctly
  • Learn from others 
  • Follow what works
  • Take action and do it

Working at home is a great way to improve your life. You are in a stable environment and familiar surroundings. And will find you will have time to do both in the work. You do and more time with family or what you want to do.

The great part is the hours you work are the hours which suit you. Not decided upon by your boss. It is an equal opportunity environment. No matter who you are everyone has the possibility of making exactly the same amount of money. Also if you want to go on holiday or may need sick leave. You have no one to answer to. 

Look at my story from an accident and now working at home. Open this link and listen and read about Mike who had a serious poisoning accident which nearly caused him to lose his life.

Working at home is an opportunity for you to have the life you want. Find out more here: Offer

working with an injury

Find out more: Offer

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