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How Disabled People Create Positive Solutions Working Onlinedisabled

Whats Your Disabled Story? Or are you Healthy with No Problems?

What will be talked about is what is how people think about disabilities, what happens if you are injured and how to change your way of thinking.

The majority of people who are working on and offline are (I hope) of good health. But, there are plenty of Disabled People who create positive solutions.

What created this story was my life There are a lot of people who think once you have a disability or disabled that there is no real future. Times though are changing, when thinking back on my disability which started in 1990.

No matter what we have in our life. Think not of what can you do. Think how can I do it?

It is not an easy thing to have, a disability and there is a common saying by most people “It will never happen to me”

Yet, it happens, the possibility of been disabled is from

  • Birth
  • Injury
  • Stress
  • Etc

Life is pretty difficult and it really makes a difference with an injury. See this story

Healthy Persons Negativedisabled

Imagine what your life is like? Just think about the average person. Or let’s look at it a different way

  • 80% of people will live, work and make do
  • 20% will be more successful
  • 04% Will be wealthy in health and wealth

There are many people who have no disability except their own mind. Think about this. How often do you wish you did this or that, have a great idea only to see someone else go ahead and create it and you think, I could have done that?

Just think there are people out there who are prepared to take a RISK!

Keeping up with the Jones

Does that saying hold you back? You know this position, I have a house, car, job and you will work out what to do when retiring. Oh, the How to work at home in Australianeighbor has a new car, boat etc. What have you? This is what that 80% is like, some will do better than others and others will get by. Even management, they may have a great job and car, maybe married and kids. And these people have one problem. This is a problem for many, is doing better or appearing to be doing well. Yet, they have “DEBT”

No matter if your unemployed, in a low paid or average wage. People will always look at people and think of what they can afford and how well they are doing. The funny thing is unless you are financially smart it is possible to be stuck in debt let it be

  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Etc

Remember, this when you make X dollars you will live to that income. When you are on $10, $100 or $1,000 per hour you can guarantee that people are living on that income and the percentage will either save for a rainy day or live to that level thinking “Nothing Will Happen To Them”

There are hundreds of stories of “It won’t happen to me” and it has.

Like my accident which caused frontal lobe (brain injury) and spinal injuries to c6/c7 (neck area), You must think what if something went WRONG?

What do you need to think about?

  • Job Loss
  • Share Crash
  • Retirement
  • Injury

There are many others but these 4 will happen in an instant, many times when it’s not expected. Do you think you will get an email or a phone call advising you that one of the above will happen in the next hour, week, month etc? No of course not it happens when usually the least expected.

Disabled People Making A Difference 

Just because a person has a disability does not mean their life is over. A disability creates a different lifestyle.

People with disabilities who have made a difference to their and YOUR Lifestyles:

Working online Disabled

Look people have reasons not been able to have a job.

    • Disability
    • Slower thinking
    • Various Inabilities

The difference to working online is

  • You work in your own time
  • Have coaches helping you
  • Create a Blog about what is possible
  • Contact people worldwide
  • Feel more confident behind a screen

Now working online from home takes away a lot of stress for a lot of people as they may not like direct human contact but able to discuss possibilities through a Blog, Facebook, Videos etc.

This is true for people without a disability. No matter who you are people are a bit apprehensive to work due to various reasons or get the job they want because they don’t have the qualifications or numerous other reasons.Disabled People soon learn the power of what they can do when they have the abliity to.

The day job environment can be very stressful no matter who you are and Disabled People are no different. Many though have the action to do better.

As Jobs AreDisabled People

  • Stressful
  • Not Permanent
  • Paid per hour
  • Holiday only when agreed

Working online has many advantages and really unless you make the decision. You will still be who you are today

  • Working for someone else
  • Paid what they think you’re worth
  • Worry about permanency
  • A job you may not even like but it’s a job

But the 20% who read this post will realize that hey working online is possible.

find out NOW what it is all about: Income

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