Who is David Waters?
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I have no experience in business, will this exclude me?
Not at all. We give training and mentorship which is part of our business. On start up you will have a One on One coach who will take you through the 21 step training. One of our very successful colleagues started out as a stay-at-home mom with no experience.

Is there any age barrier?

Minimum age requirement is 18 years. If younger you need your parent/Guardian Approval

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Is there an extra cost for the training?
Yes, we are giving you a 7.00 7-day trial. This is to keep the tire kickers out. We only want people who have the need to make a good online income. Then 40.00 which covers the 21 steps and 30 step marketing program, including a one on one coach etc.

Is this Full-Time or Part-Time?
Either. This is a lifestyle business each person decides what they need to do to make the income you desire.  It is recommended complete the training to understand exactly what you need to know to what your future worth is.  Many will initially start part-time in and around an existing job or business.


Do I need working capital?
Yes.  With any business, you can expect to have both start-up and running costs. These costs are far less compared to most traditional bricks and mortar businesses.  You will find the Overheads are low as your working out of your own home office, so you have no extra outlay for premises, no daily commute; no employees and or product kept at home.  What you need is a computer and or laptop a WIFI connection and determination to do what it takes to get what you want.

Are there income guarantees?

No.   Like any business, there is work to be done. Each person’s targets and goals are different and it’s what you put into it, what you learn and implement which will determine your future.

Are there participants who have achieved excellent returns?
Yes. We have many different people of various backgrounds who have given up their day job and now making money online,
Check out our case studies Here

More frequently asked questions

Am I able to speak with any of those achievers?
Yes. we have our various workshops, seminars, private online groups, 24/7 help desk. There are many ways to get an answer to your question/s

How many hours a week do I need to set aside?
This is best answered after completing the training. The training will cover 21 days and each night would take between 1 – 2 hours. Which can be done at your leisure. 

Is this a job?
No, this is your own home business and you are the boss of your destiny with our support

Is this a get rich scheme?
No. Like any business, it takes a time to develop and it is the long term goals you should be looking at.

Am I restricted to a particular area?
No. This is an online business and with a website/blog it is running 24/7 and people are buying around the world 24/7 even while you sleep

Are there any franchise fees?

No, this is your business, and there are different avenues which may have an extra cost. But a standard member has no ongoing costs.

Do I have to cold call?

Do I have to contact family and friends?

Do I have to attend weekly hotel or in-house meetings?
No. On occasions, we have meetings around the world which are up to you to attend or not. They cover various business training. Many will attend a 2-hour Start-up Workshop which is free List of Latest Workshops

How do I market/advertise online?
This is taught in with a 30 step training program we have. You can also what this video:
The Art And Science Of Making High Ticket Commissions Online. Watch it Here

Is this an MLM?
No, but it does fall within the NetworkMarketing framework

Is there someone I can talk to if I need to ask a question?
Yes, we have a 24/7 help desk, private online groups you will join and may ask and even answer questions. From people just starting to the owner.

In fact this book the top ten question book is a good book to add to your library. Get it Here

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