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How to start a home business Online,

Learn how to make a difference in your life.

Are you one of the many people who are looking at starting a home business in Australia and unsure of what to do next. It is where everyone who works online one day was.

People are working for themselves to

  • Remove debt
  • Pay off the Mortgage Quicker
  • Stable job
  • Better Future
  • Less Stress
  • Improved Health
  • Happier

You know the problem with the above?


Many people have some great ideas and they put together the idea and they start getting some advice, go out spend money and Home Business Australiastart doing what they want.

But, many people fail. This is because they have not had a Coach and or a Mentor to realize their future. When you start something you can talk to your mates or other people who work in the industry.

Now you look at Franchises like Macdonalds etc. It may cost a lot of money to startup and what they do is put money back into the Franchise to ensure success.

When you look at 100 Freds who has lost his jobs and decided to start a business and consider a business opportunity.

The chances are

  • 80% will fail
  • 16% will do well
  • 4% will succeed

Why it is simple 80% will have a look, think they know what they are doing and over time miss out on a long term future. The 16% will have studied the market and received the information they need to get ahead and do well. They have the right information and work hard to succeed

The 4%

would have done their homework, understood the economy, have a coach and or mentor to work with and make long-term decisions to ensure long-term security.

Just think and this is everywhere what you need to ensure success in anything. You need to know what you’re doing. Not just the business, but all aspects of the business.

  • Profit and Loss
  • Market Research
  • Employee entitlements
  • Utility costs
  • Property, site, and tooling
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Marketing
  • Insurances
  • Taxes
  • Retirement
  • etc

There is a lot to consider when starting a business and people you need to back up what your doing like the accountant, bookkeeper, etc

Then there is the Franchise

Who have people doing very well and they are marketed very well to ensure your success. It’s great to see so many out there. And, doing well. Generally, you will get the support you need as the Franchise owner wants his franchises to succeed. There is nothing worse than offering a mowing Franchise and finding out these people are not making money.

Franchises are a safe bet, with one downfall which will be discussed later.

When you start your Business

There is a lot to consider when you create a plan. You need to create a plan, your vision and your dream made into reality.

It is important to have a plan for your future. This is to ensure you know exactly where you will be in the coming months and years. Like all plans, these change over time and they must be considered properly. 

You really need to have a plan showing your goals and where you will be. After all, you are now in charge of your destiny and having a plan which you can tick off and achieve is very important to ensure your success.

As most people start their business and there are many variables you need to know your costs, equipment and what you need to make an income.

Be Aware of 

  • Time spent working
  • Keep an eye on expenses
  • Wasted Time
  • Not knowing


Time: Many people have an idea of what they want to spend on a business and it soon becomes apparent that there are expenses which have not been considered. They soon add up and must be kept under strict control.

Expenses: it is easy to spend money on what you want. It is important during setup to ensure the items you purchase are actually what you need for the business and not because….  You can always purchase what you want later and save your money to get the NEEDS, what the business needs now

Wasted time, it is easy to go looking and solving problems. If you are not sure and within a certain time. STOP and get help. There is no point trying to save money and in fact losing a lot of time actually trying to make a decision. This is why coaches and mentors are worth their weight in gold.

Not Knowing: This is sometimes the biggest loser when it comes to a business. It is when you are working on a project and all of a sudden a big problem comes up. “What to do next?” No matter what happens in life there are those moments when you just wished never happened or the unexpected looms its ugly head. This is why, when planning a business model to have an open mind and your plan is as exact as possible. Even though this is near impossible. Learn from the best, what others have done or even if it’s something new. Be prepared, don’t lose your cool. Anger only prolongs the situation

Now the Problem 

Every person and this includes employees is how to retire at the age you want to. It is the one thing we all strive for. 

Retirement Plans Include

  • Financial Security
  • Holidays
  • R&R
  • Help Family
  • Etc

But when you think of where you are and your plans. Can you afford to retire? 

Probably the first question is how long can you maintain that job for? There are many people who do work such as plumbers, carpenters, roofies, mechanics, road works. All these jobs have one thing in common.

They are hands on jobs and there is a limit on how long you can work. From back injuries, aches, and pains. Have you a plan if you have an injury or the aches and pains cause you to stop working?

Then you get the delivery drivers, there is a lot of lifting, the chance of injury and chance of an accident. It is important to realize what could go wrong. It is important to have an exit plan.

No matter what you do in life it is important to have an exit plan.

Imagine if you had an accident right now or something which caused you to have to give up work. Where are you situated financially?

It is said that most people could not find $1,000 immediately. Not credit but Cash.

Back in 1990 in Perth Western Australia my accident completely changed my life and didn’t have a plan for an accident. This is the same as retirement.

One day we must stop work to enjoy the remaining years and do those things we dream about.

It is even possible to do it earlier when you plan it properly.

Just think of this 

You have a business. What is it worth to sell if you decide to leave the business?

If you have a Franchise what is it worth to sell? Does it have a price?

Similar to Retirement

What is retirement worth to you? Just think you are successful and you are making say $80,000 profit per annum

You live for 30 years after the business is sold etc. 

To live the same lifestyle in Australia or Elsewhere at $80,000 per annum for 30 years you will need $2,400,000 dollars

This means you will have to have a Good Exit plan

Do you have aFail Proof Online Business Startups

  • Superannuation plan
  • Retirement plan
  • Good standing Bank account
  • Buyer for the business?

What is the most important thing for a worker is, HIS WORTH AT RETIREMENT

A business owner may have the problem of

  • Do you have a business you can sell on retirement
  • Where is the value?
  • A franchise, what is the exit fees?

Once you retire it is important to have good investments for your future. And you can start now

There are many ways to keep an income including things like Bitcoin, Share Market, or other investments.

Think clearly of your plan. Especially if by some unfortunate chance that you have an accident what is your Exit Plan? 

This is why after my accident where I was a mechanic a drastic change was required. Which included an office job, then a massage business and now working online in an online business.

Why an Online Business in Australia?Australia

It’s pretty simple really. You see after having an amazing office job taking me to a management position, leaving that and working in a massage business. It soon became apparent that the future was bright and it was important to have an income for life. Not to retirement but until my last days on earth. 

You see when you have an online business, it is possible to have a business that

  • Runs 24/7 online marketing your product
  • Work the hours you need not have to 
  • Outsource your business
  • Etc

You see working online in the right business can give you long term returns and you are able to have an income you desire. No matter if you live in Australia or Anywhere

It is possible to top up your current income or become your main income in your business.

What you really need to do is think of what you have to offer.

There is no Guarantee in LifeMobe Top Tier Income

No matter how prepared you are to leave school, get a job, work, retire and enjoy. There is no Guarantee that you will have an injury, stress-free life. Take my accident, it caused an incredible amount of grief and time.

It was good Taking Action and having what was needed made me what life is today.

No matter who you are. If you’re in Australia or anywhere else in the world and it is highly recommended to have an online income of some type. 


  1. It gives you a side income
  2. If something goes wrong in your current job you have a backup plan
  3. What if an injury stopped you from working, again you have a backup plan
  4. It will allow you to keep on top of your bills and afford that holiday
  5. Your working from home and some tax advantages are possible

There are many pros and cons of a home business this is a good book to read about the 10 top questions to ask about starting a home business: 10 Question Ebook It answers the 10 most asked questions about working online and it’s totally free.

Where people go wrong starting an online business

  • Learning on the go
  • Not knowing
  • What is involved
  • Then what to do and how

Working online is no different to other jobs the big difference is you can work from anywhere you have a Computer, Laptop, and Wifi.

A home business

is an amazing way to make a living 24/7. You must remember people are working online and they don’t work 24/7 but your business does. How?

When you’re online you will most probably have a blog and information on there about what to sell. This is available 24/7 on the internet. And people more than ever are turning to the internet to buy their products and Just think you have a Range of Toys you want to sell and decide to have a website/blog

What happens is people around the world will see these items and they will buy this is no matter if you have an Australia business or anywhere else.

Just think you are in the USA you have that top shop and your go to bed about 9 or 10 pm and wake up 6 or 7 am. You will find that in places like Australia, New Zealand, parts of Europe, Africa people are surfing the internet and may want to buy what your selling.

Whamo! you are selling while you’re asleep.

This is how people are working these days. After all how many jobs will disappear by

  • 2020 5 Million
  • 2030 2 Billion

Why, because of the Internet, Computers, Robots, Artificial Intelligence. It all is been replaced it will just take time in Australia and the Rest of the world for jobs to go.

Now you are thinking more about working online. But, what are the steps to get ahead and make that difference?

  1. Get the Training
  2. Take Action
  3. Commissions

One of the biggest problems in life is people are not starting an online business and getting the training they need to start and become successful.

The Right Start

Is to get an online business which offers the right support and education. Also, where you can do it part-time and see how it fits in life and it is for you. 

Not everyone will want to work online but, everyone needs to review their income source/s until retirement and beyond.

So now you’re thinking what can an online job do for you think of what you need.

Need to start an online business

  • Computer and or laptop
  • Wifi access
  • Prepared to learn
  • Take Action 
  • Be paid commission

It is that simple.

The next step is Education

Simply to start online it pays to get the training and the right information to start a business and grow it to its full strength and in the shortest time period and then build on that education as needed

The program I will share with you has all that you need to get started, intermediate and advanced courses to build your business from scratch to what you consider a good income and beyond.

The business is My Online Business Education

This business has one aim and one aim only. That is to teach and show people who may have no experience to assist those who have worked online now and previously how to improve their product information and learning to very advanced levels.

We have the startup 21-step program.

Where you will learn 
  • What a home business is
  • The tools required
  • Ways to get started
  • Ongoing Webinars and Coaching
  • How to create the income you want

If you are 

  • Coachable
  • Motivated
  • Take action
  • This is for you

This business My Online Business Education has what you need to get started, to continue working and to watch your finances improve.

We have a special offer for you to start and you have this option of getting more details about the business

Watch this Webinar Top Tier Side Income (It’s FREE to Register and Watch)

It will show and give you the information in more detail how a home business will help you.

Are you one of the 

20% who want to make the change and improve their future?

Or one of the 4% to take action now and get a special $7.00 7 day introductory trial.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Just remember 

How many jobs will disappear by

  • 2020 5 Million Jobs
  • 2030 2 Billion Jobs

What will you be doing if your one of those employees? More Information

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