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The theme of International Literacy Day 2015 is Literacy and Sustainable Societies.

Have you ever sat back and wondered where your life is and how lucky you are to be able to read this? First

  • 775 million adults lack minimum literacy skill
  • ONE in five adults is still not literate and two-thirds of them are women
  • 60.7 million children are out-of-school and many more attend irregularly or drop out.

So the United Nations created September 8th as Literacy Day. With figures per above where is life going?It interesting when you see figures like that above yet, the majority of people reading this probably don’t even think about people in cities, countries, even in your own town who have difficulties reading and writing.

Most people modern countries are more worried about paying bills, keeping a job, holidays. After all they have the gift of literacy.

Have you ever done this to a friend or stranger?
When going through life no matter how hard or good it is we must do ONE thing, do something good for one person each day your life. Each day if you see someone having difficulty opening a door, picking something up, getting something from a shelf higher than they can reach, go and help. If each person helped one person each day or even more could this change the world?

Literacy Help
There is no easy answer to literacy. There are countries where literacy is well below world standards, how can we help? Donations, maybe, first look at who you give money to and find out what percentage of money actually goes in the donation. More money these days are been soaked up in administration fees.

Why not look in your own city, town, family and friends. Just because you live in a modern city or country it does not mean there are not problems out there. In fact we hear to much about the bad side. Many expect the Government, schools to do the job of fixing the literacy problem.

My question to you is who have you ever helped?
Not talking about giving big donations or paying your taxes its more about your kids, don’t expect the teachers to do everything, Do you as a parent with pre school kids. Spend time each day 1 on 1 teaching your children something in regards to reading and writing? When they are at school, do you physically talk to them about their school work, not when the grades come in and be happy or not but, daily, weekly do you spend time discussing this? Especially in the first 5 years at school?

Training Aid 
When you finish with the books that the children have finished with do you put them on a shelf never to be read again or throw them away? Not forgetting the electronic training tools out today, after they have outgrown them do you throw them out or stack them away for another day?

For Yourself
One thing that we should all do is read and write daily or at least weekly. This is where we learn and build a future that is bigger and better. TV, Videos are a distraction from what really counts in our world. We need to ensure we are able to read a page and if not sure what a word means is look in a dictionary and find the answer, not read past and not think about it.

When writing it is important to realise that we check our spelling and ensure it is correct. When typing on a computer that instead of having auto correct on have it so that is shows the error, and when you make a mistake. Fix it don’t click on autocorrect, think of what the spelling should be and fix it.

Myself if there is a spelling mistake I will backspace and retype the word, if it is not right after the 2nd attempt only then will I use auto correct and see the correct spelling. This sometimes is a bit time consuming, yet, the next time you type the work there is less chance of a spelling error which over time means less time with spelling checks.

Your Literacy Check List
Today or the day you read this take up this challenge and make a difference to your or someone else’s literacy

  • If you have pre school kids sit with them each day and not just let the other parent do it, Take control and help you are smart because you may have had both parents help or if they didn’t think of the struggle you had and fix it now
  • You have books, magazines, computer training aids you will never use again. Do not throw them away, give them to a school, doctors waiting room, a donation centre. Let words spread the world with the art of reuse.
  • Take time to not use spell check but to fix the spelling or grammar mistake yourself. It will teach you something and less likely to make the same mistake again
  • Help yourself and read something, do it right and do it now.

Literacy is how people learn and move ahead. This century is more reliant on your power to read and write to move forward, helping others less fortunate than you will slow down economic growth by One, plus more. After all if they do not know how the art of been taught, how can they use the art of teaching?

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