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Sports Stars Retirement PossibilitiesSports Stars Retirement Possibilities

What do sports stars do when they retire from their career, or stopped due to injury or been dropped?

Well after being a Head Trainer for a Major team here in Adelaide Australia, then Head trainer for State teams and a Stint with the Adelaide36ers. You see the other side of teams, players and what they do.

Find out what they do and what is possible as Sports Stars Retirement Possibilities

As an Injured person from a serious car accident, not the football I was playing.  it is hard to watch the end of a sporting career to many young people who still have years ahead of them. And think, what can they do now?

You feel their excitements and pains, you see their injuries and their recuperation. And like many players, it is the future which is uncertain.

When you think players maybe on amazing big salaries you know that they have a time limit on how long you can play for.

Depending on the sport and how good a player, is really depends on how long their time in the sport will be.

The interesting part is when many sports stars end their career they very quickly lose their money.

Money is lost due to

  • Lifestyle vs lost income
  • Incorrect Financial decisions
  • Cost of health
  • etc

Yet some do well. There are some who have made enough money to retire and make the right decisions on how to spend the wealth they have created.

The Successes

  • Sports channel Presenter
  • Coach
  • New Business Venture
  • etc

Yet, many will not have a financial advisor or a career coach who looks past their last competition or game. 

Bankruptcy is Rampant Amongst Sports Stars

sports stars retirement plansFor every player who retires there is a number who hit rock bottom. 

Look at this list of Sports Stars who are now broke: http://www.-sports-stars-whove-gone-bankrupt/ss-BBlmIiX

It’s not about what you make it is about what you do in the future that counts. With the teams, It’s an amazing 17-years to see different players. Some were studying to ensure a financially secure future and others just played for today.

Yet the one problem that a lot of players and stars do is not look at their Income and Expenses.  This is what is causing the loss of money. Also, the scammers out there who will lure you into amazing opportunities only to find you have lost money.

Health and Sports Stars Retirement Possibilities

This is a Huge issue as many players will have some sort of on going injury for the remainder of their days. You see players having surgery and not long after returning to the game. There are players who have had an injury such, that they have given up playing anymore and having to retire.

The problem with this is that there is always a cost to your health. It might not be straight after you retire, It is when you age and the body starts feeling the agony of past injuries.

As you know your health is very important and the cost is as expensive.

Imagine if you had the smarts to create an income which works 24/7 even while playing the sport you love? Really, no matter if you are a professional or an Amature player you must think of Sports Stars Retirement Possibilities. You are all stars and no matter which sport you’re in. It’s important to think of your future now. Or as a retired player new ways of making a living.

Job ProspectsAustralia

As noted above many stars can pick up a job as a sports presenter, coach etc. Yet there are so many who are unable to move forward. As their whole life is centered around playing the game.

This is where an online business would be the perfect position for a playing or retiring sports start. 

There are 3 main types of sports stars

  • Branded Player
  • Known Player
  • Short term

These three types make up the bulk of sports stars. We remember famous sports stars from around the world

Such as 

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Soccer 
  • LeBron James, Basketball
  • Lionel Messi, Soccer
  • Neymar, Soccer
  • Roger Federer, Tennis
  • Kevin Durant, Basketball
  • Tiger Woods, Golf
  • Virat Kohli, Cricket

Then there are hundreds if not thousands of other not well-known sports people. What do they do? Well, the smart ones have some form of education to fall back on and others find a job doing whatever is possible to

  • Make a living doing what they can
  • live off what they have made in the past
  • Struggle

It is now important to think of your future. sports stars income

This is the time to start taking action and ensure your future is secure.

There are many ways of doing this

  • Education
  • Ge a job
  • Work online

These three all are good ways of ensuring what you do after sport pays off.

Many people will be part time studying while they are playing sport, Players I know have trades behind them, studied and become lawyers, financial experts, owned pubs and various other ways.

These are both good ideas, but while studying it costs money to study and then you start and end up either paying off the costs of study and spent years studying without an income.

There is the possibility of having a job, but that is both times consuming and if you are injured, again your without an income during rehabilitation with sometimes no guarantees of having a job when well enough.

A Good Option

Create an income while playing. Many super stars do this now and there is no reason why you cannot do the same. It does not matter if you’re a superstar, state or local player.

You need to create a position of Influence

What this means is start a blog . You see you are playing a sport many people enjoy and you can talk about your experiences, your lifestyle. Ups and down, creatingblog on sports

  • Interest
  • Videos
  • Posts
  • Photos 
  • and much more

When you make it interesting, people will click on your blog, read, and share it. But what you do is optimize this blog and make another income which is working 24/7 as while the site is running people click on it. When they read it they will see banners, videos etc which once you understand how are linked to products etc where you make a commission each time the link is clicked and an item is purchased. 

Very similar to this site, and of course set up to your subjects etc.

To ensure your understanding of what to do and how to do all this we have a offer which you will find very amazing.

You will learn about how to start a blog and create a business online. We give you the assistance you need to start a business working 24/7 even while your playing your sport.

This training is set up for even the most inexperienced person so they understand exactly what to do next. 

Have a look at this offer and see how it will help you: Check it out here


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