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Work Place Gender Inequality OpportunitiesGender Inequality

Do we hear all this talk about inequality for women in the workplace? Of course, we do and a very interesting part of working is how it has been allowed to go on for so long. After all, Gender Inequality has been on many government and business agendas for longer than most care to think about. 

Government and Business have this position of talks, discussions and reviewing the gender inequality. You as a woman reading this must keep thinking how much longer will it be before women are equal in the workplace?

Gender Inequality

Now been a male and writing about this is unusual to many. What you must understand is you are going to learn about what politicians and business owners don’t want to talk about. It is the business that has always had Gender Equality.

First, I would thank Iceland to make this illegal to have inequality gender pay removed, Yet why will it take 3 years for this to happen? It is interesting how our Corporate leaders and Government take great lengths to discuss and talk.

Where Gender Equality RULES Equal Pay

Wouldn’t you like to k?ow. First there is a handful of African countries there is Gender Equality, which is interesting as it is part of life. Then again Icland is on the way to do this. And, there is still one of the biggest industries on the planet that Women are Making Equal Pay.

This industry is ok if youWomen and Equal Pay

  • Need time off for babies
  • Children are sick and need time off
  • Don’t care you’re late due to health
  • Willing to allow you to travel at will
  • Why not shop during the day 
  • No uniforms, wear what you’re comfortable in
  • etc

It is interesting that the average Receptionist must be at work to answer phone calls organize, appointments, back up and basically has to sit at the desk from 8 am – 5 pm and have a short break for Lunch etc.

Jobs of Gender Inequality

In the last year visiting different places and looking at different roles, here is the Inequality in Work places and they work damned hard and could do a lot less and be paid a lot more if they changed the way the work. 

Recently I was at a Lawyers office and really the Receptionist was the person who ran the whole office. This woman knew where files, had control of phone calls, meetings, notes, making decisions, and ensuring the clients like myself were catered for. Yet, she was on a good salary but had to work 8 hours a day and work damned hard to do so. Then there are the Barristers the difference is extraordinarily Extreme

An interesting article on pay difference in Australia >>

Then while at a hospital about a year ago. There were the Nurses, during the 3 days, the Nurses worked damned hard. They had spent 3 or so years studying to get to this level and 24/7 they were available looking after people life’s, emotions and in one case making near life changing the decision as the doctors were not available. Yet, you will always hear nurses are not paid well. When you think of what they know and how hard they trained and worked, Nurses are worth their weight in gold. 

An Interesting Article on Male/Femail Inequality >

Then there is the cafe workers, bus drivers, shop assistants, and the list goes on and on where Gender Inequality Rules. In fact, would it be possible that any woman working has this role as business/government know they can have cheaper labor and save costs? Interesting thought.

The Wrong WayEqual Pay For Women

Look every business should have the same salary the same hours and realistically a good ratio of Men Women etc. What seems to be happening is all of a sudden these companies are hiring more women and saying they are compliant. This is saying we have hired more women.

Yet, business is probably smiling as they have hired women to look good and making more money by paying the lower rate of pay. Very disappointing in that true equality equals the same ratio for employees in number. More importantly, the wage rate should be the same.

Gender Equality – The Only Genuine Source TODAY

It is right in front of our eyes and most people do not get it. 

What if you as a woman decided you’re not going to work until you have equal pay? Or, not put in the same effort? 

Home Business Case Studies

Case Study of a Mom Working at Home: Studies

Yet, there are numerous amounts of women being paid the same and even making more money than MEN!

It’s a Very Simple

  • Work for yourself
  • Start your own business
  • Create The Income your Worth

Look you could think, “OMG, you can’t do this!!!!”

Ok, most women and men will think to start their own business is pretty damned expensive, a risk and have thoughts of not been in a safety zone of a boss who will pay you less than your worth, decide when you holiday and just put up with it. Right?

This, of course, is your choice.

If you are realistic about wanting a good future for yourself, your children and your future. It is worth looking into. After been on this planet for a while now. Most house hold budgets are run by the women. So you know what you’re doing

  • Most house hold budgets are run by the women. So you know what you’re doing
  • Many businesses the receptionist is the key to success
  • Businessmen have women in lower roles and actually make the boss look good

No matter who you are and what you do.

The difference between men and women’s pay in a Owned business is 0.00%

Become an Affiliate

This is the best way to start unless you have a product to sell.

It’s pretty simple really. What happens is all you need is WIFI and a Computer.

Search for a business which is what you want to sell online and when the product is sold you get a commission for that sale. This changes only from product to product not if you’re a Woman or a Man, we should be ending Gender Inequality

Therefore you are able to make exactly the income you so desire

When you look at the future think of this.

  1. Are you being treated equally at work?
  2. Your wages equal to men in your job?
  3. Can you work the hours you want?
  4. Are you able to sleep in before work?

Chances are you would have said No to at least 3 of the above, would that be about right?

Now just think of this

  • How long does it take you to get ready for work   _____  Hrs/mins
  • The daily time in hours daily, traveling to work      _____  Hrs/Mins
  • Total ____

Now times that by 5 and that is the hours you waste each week working for a boss. In travel and getting ready to go to work.Working at home

Then there is the cost of your clothes, makeup and anything else required for that job

Take a guess, what is the total do you think of (just for work)

  • $_______ Clothes
  • $_______ Make up
  • $_______ Accessories
  • $_______ Total

Now when you’re working from home there is something very important to remember while having equal pay and the income you desire

Your Gain/s

  • You work the hours required
  • Holiday when you want not book them up to a year in advance
  • Sick, just stay in bed and catch up when well
  • Savings of Work related travel costs, clothes etc
  • Claim on taxes some of the business expense at home
    • Including utilities, car, mortgage/rent
    • Etc

There are many ways to have the business work for you.

More Importantly

Before going out there and trying to make money and trying to do what so many people do wrong. That sees an opportunity and jump in blindly.

You need to understand this. You must get some training and learn what a home business is about before making the big step.

Training you need isLearn how to work at home

  • What is involved 
  • How much
  • Ongoing expenses
  • Expected income
  • What do you do
  • How does the business work

This video will explain a lot of what you need to know. This video will explain to you that all you really need is

  • Wifi
  • Computer
  • Desire
  • Prepared to learn
  • Take Action
  • Watch the Commissions come in


Gender Equality When a Business Owner

There is no doubt that if you are prepared to put into your own business the need to take the necessary action to succeed you will.

Like anything success is not given to you, you have to work for it.

Look at this  Video It will show you just this

All you need iswhat you need to work online

  • Computer
  • Wifi
  • to start

Then you will learn about how an affiliate business works

  • Get a Coach to show you
    • How to work online
    • What to advertise
    • Get Free, Banners, Links, Emails
    • Then
  • you spend 50.00 weeks on advertising
  • The customer sees the product
  • They purchase the product
  • Business Delivers the product
  • You get the commission


  • You
    – Market the products
  • Get people to the products
  • You get the commission/s
  • Business
    Do the Sales
    Delivers the product/s 

Full Time/Part TimeHome Business Case Studies

This is your choice, what must be done is working out what you want to do and how to do it. It must be enjoyable 

The best decision is to start working part time. Get some understanding of what you want. Similar to getting a business plan.

It is now very possible to understand what you need and what to do here: Check out this and it will give you some ideas what to do next.

Make a difference in your life and review this program it may save you a lot of time and money. And you will not be under any Gender Inequality

women at work online

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